Friday, January 23, 2009

First off

As this is the first post, perhaps it is best to put forth the purpose of this blog. That is to try to bring forth tough issues in the Consumer Electronics industry for inventors, marketers, retailers or consumers and suggest the caused and propose solutions. Hopefully not just from me, but from interested readers and collaborators. The CE industry is vibrant and offers wonderful results for people, but not without its warts and problems. A lot of issue comes from change as this is hard for people, yet the only constant one can find in the CE space. How to deal with change involves people first to a great extent, as well as technology, products, markets and more.
What we have always seen is that those who embrace change, willingly or not are those that last in CE. The "run away" strategy is very seductive and considering human nature, one that is often employed. Too often this leaves roadkill. Let's shoot for this site to try to avoid that.
all the best to friends, colleagues, participants and users of CE.

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